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We are a forward-thinking, hands-on, digital & creative powerhouse serving global brands

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4Shades is an innovative digital advertising agency and consultancy, incorporated in England and Wales, UK (no. 9317189), and established to address the communication needs of progressive global marketers - mainly throughout UK, Europe, MENA, USA/Canada, and CIS regions. We specialise in producing original, modern web solutions and creative material for clients via website design and development (responsive desktop, mobile, and tablet), application development, social media platform development, advertising, marketing, promotion and optimisation, printing, signage and packaging, promotions & exhibitions, TV & radio production, photography, and illustration - plus a host of embedded services.
You will find us very easy-going and approachable. Whether a business, charity, organisation, agency, or an individual with big dreams, why not drop us a line today? You might be genuinely surprised to discover that our services can be leveraged without the usual agency price tag.

  • Fully responsive, advanced Real Estate platform solutions
  • Full project lifecycle planning and implementation
  • Scalable, bespoke platform solutions
  • Promotional stands, signage, and material
  • Corporate identity creative, design, and print
  • Social media campaign management and design
  • Publication branding, design, creative, and production

Your brand, nurtured by our experience

4Shades specialises in 360 degree campaigns to ensure products and services are kept "top of mind" among target audiences both nationally and internationally.

Our core digital and mainstream solutions

Responsive multilingual website and digital solutions by 4Shades

Responsive, multilingual digital solutions

With information as king it is vital to choose and develop the most appropriate medium upon which to deliver the right message in a language which identifies with its intended audience, especially when that message is so immediately accessible. It is therefore essential to also consider foreign language audiences when considering website development.

Bespoke responsive real estate platforms developed by 4Shades

Bespoke, responsive real estate platforms

4Shades has developed unique standalone versions of 4mulate specifically catering for the demanding content requirements of real estate agents. Its custom-designed interface radically simplifies and expedites the process of managing, displaying, and promoting/sharing properties globally. It hosts a wide range of features not otherwise found within the normal version.

Bespoke portals and social media platforms developed by 4Shades

Bespoke portals & social media platforms

4Shades develops bespoke social media platforms, large informational portals, and e-commerce sites. Using our proprietary framework, we can provide highly bespoke, deep-impact solutions intended for large user usage on VPS, dedicated, or your preferred hosting platforms. With such a multitude of nuances making up each solution, please tap below for more information.

Website refresh to responsive layout by 4Shades

Website refresh to responsive layout

With the majority of online searches being performed on mobile devices, it is essential for all websites to be responsive (mobile-friendly). To avoid negative impact to ranking, 4Shades offers a website refresh service. This allows retention of your current website design whilst ensuring it complies with search engine requirements, but without the full redevelopment overhead.

Brand development and social media management embedded service provision

Brand development & social media management

4Shades is a full-service advertising agency and, with 25+ years' experience behind us, we know a thing or two about brand development and social media management. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of companies across a multitude of countries and continents, tweaking campaigns, building and shaping trends, customising all designs and promo material (on- and offline) to suit the nuances of each location with great success.

Logo and Brand Identity Creation

Logo & Brand Identity Creation

We design and build your entire brand experience... from your logo, website, social media, to advising about the way you answer phones and how customers experience your staff. We are critically aware of what is needed to present a positive brand experience, strategising and implementing methods which create an overall experience that works best for you.

Print Design and Creative Services offered by 4Shades

Print Design & Creative

In addition to our range of digital services, our repertoire encapsulates a wide range of additional design services intended for other mainstream uses. 4Shades employs seasoned graphic designers and illustrators who are capable of conceptualising and designing almost anything that can be designed and/or printed. Tap for more on what we can offer your organisation.

Multilingual publishing services offered by 4Shades

Multilingual Publishing

4Shades is often commissioned to design and print multilingual magazines and books. We provide an end-to-end service for both digital and printed versions to extremely demanding deadlines and we have key online partners to deliver your publications to even wider audiences. Tap for more info on what we've previously done and what we can bring to your organisation.

Packaging Design and Printing by 4Shades

Packaging Design & Printing

Good packaging must reflect the personality of any organisation. 4Shades also understands that customers generally prefer and aim for simplicity, honesty and authenticity in their designs. We subsequently ensure that each of our designs meets and exceeds this requirement, ensuring that all of our designs are printed to the highest standards on very good quality materials.

Product, fashion and creative photography by 4Shades

Product, fashion & Creative Photography

Whether it is when complementing our e-commerce and print solutions, or requested as a standalone service, 4Shades provides photography and/or video production for use in marketing material. With numerous styles available - still life, fashion, or model photography, full room set shots and smaller cameo shots, product, food and location work - we arrange versatile images for your designs and campaigns.

Digital project and programme management by 4Shades

Digital project & programme management

Our projects are incredibly varied and often span continents. To ensure we maintain progressive workflows and meet deadlines, almost all projects are driven via Agile methodologies to fluid project plans. This approach ensures we diligently manage our project to the highest degree of success and customer satisfaction.

4mulate CMS by 4Shades Digital Creative Agency
4mulate Content Management System (CMS) by 4Shades Digital Creative Agency
myPerPOS for 4mulate CMS infiniti for 4mulate CMS

Introducing 4mulate: our bespoke, modular, responsive CMS framework

We are proud to introduce our bespoke content management system (CMS), 4mulate, a modular open-source framework developed exclusively by 4Shades. It is infused with several of the most current technologies, allowing our clients’ online projects to take full advantage of an inter-connected world within which they can exhibit products and/or services, privately or publicly, selectively or en masse. This modular CMS has been developed from the ground-up to specifically cater for the needs and requirements of our clients' bespoke solutions and is already deployed across a multitude of solutions with high visitor traffic.


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