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Website refresh to responsive layout

  • Original Studio AVA Wordpress website prior to responsive refresh
  • New, responsive Studio AVA website powered by 4mulate

If you are concerned about search engine ranking because your existing website is non-responsive (tap here for more details) 4Shades also performs upgrades on existing solutions at a fraction of the outlay cost for a brand new website *. A website refresh allows us to upgrade your existing code and introduce responsive elements which, once completed, presents your online solution correctly across a plethora of mobile devices. We then instruct Google and other major search engines to crawl the site again that, once done, removes any negative ranking related to mobile non-compliance.
In some cases we may suggest a partial overhaul of the CMS (if one is present) and provide additional suggestions with regard to layout that could likely benefit from improvements, especially when viewed on mobile devices. Two website refresh examples for our clients are provided on this page; they exhibit wider layout, larger and clearer fonts, plus a host of other improvements which sees content collapsing more logically when viewed on smaller screens.


* A full appraisal will need to be performed beforehand to assess viability

Appraise your existing website

If you would like an appraisal of your existing website for a responsive upgrade, please contact us today. 4Shades offers impartial advice, can introduce SEO improvements to the code, and provides accurate timescales for an upgrade that will meet the requirements needed to ensure ranking and conformity within Google and Bing mobile search results.

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