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Brand development & Social Media Management

  • Branding & web dev, promotion, social media & content for Health Coach, Helena Vanelli
  • Vistaland Properties - Bespoke integrated Facebook app, developed by 4Shades
  • The Real Venue Complete Social Media Management

Brand management and social management are time-consuming processes that take time and significant effort to become successful, especially if that brand is new or relatively unknown.
4Shades has worked with hundreds of companies over the years - be it in a digital and/or advertising agency capacity or as a publisher. We work across a multitude of countries and continents, tweaking campaigns, building and shaping trends, and customising designs and sales material to suit the nuances of each location.
This experience has kept us competitive with the ever-changing, immediate demands of our connected business worlds and its consumers. We manage and tailor brands to reach specific audiences at specific times which prove most effective, within the geographical or online locations best suited to maximise the results of that campaign. Furthermore, we live and breathe social media and have created 1000's of successful campaigns along with managing entire social strategies for our clients - all with visible, measurable results.
We also formulate and improve brands (see next page), build brand awareness, create hashtag trends across a plethora of social media sites, and ensure that your campaigns leverage the very best from their intended audiences.


* A full appraisal will need to be performed beforehand to assess viability

Want to improve your company's image?

For more information about our brand management or social management processes, please contact your 4Shades representative today. Our experience can be provided in a consulting or hands-on capacity, both with quantitative results.

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