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4mulate CMS Modules

4mulate is a modular open-source framework developed by 4Shades. It is infused with several existing technologies, allowing our clients’ online projects to take full advantage of an inter-connected world within which they can exhibit products and/or services, privately or publicly, selectively or en masse.
Because 4mulate is a bespoke product, it can be shaped to look, feel, and work the way you want with features you have always wanted and features you may never even thought existed.
Our considered integration of digital marketing features are designed to make all sites immediately social and compliant with the latest online standards, binding our customers with the world's foremost search engines, social networks, and identity providers - including Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest (plus many more) while consolidating the most powerful social features within a single solution.
4mulate enables customers to apply friend and profile data to drive social registrations, scalable and "word-of-mouth" marketing, community interaction and discussions. It can provision clients with social walls directly within their own websites plus much more. In addition, through detailed analytics and use of best practices tempered by 25+ years of consulting and industry experience, 4mulate successfully leverages the best analytical information from the moment of inception to deliver measurable social and digital ROI.

Some popular 4mulate modules used by our clients:

  • 4mulate Commerce
  • 4mulate Advanced Real Estate
  • 4mulate Advanced Product Catalogue & Display
  • 4mulate Advanced News & Blogging
  • 4mulate Infiniti System
  • 4mulate Social Wall & Live Commenting
  • 4mulate Live Source
  • 4mulate Live Chat
  • 4mulate Advanced Page Creation & Management
  • 4mulate Gallery Management
  • 4mulate Hierarchical User Management
  • 4mulate Advanced Social User Management
  • 4mulate Multiple Language Module
  • 4mulate Video Management (YouTube & Vimeo)
  • 4mulate Wishlist
  • 4mulate Real Estate Management
  • 4mulate Image Manipulation, Upload & Watermark
  • 4mulate Banner Manager
  • 4mulate Testimonials
  • 4mulate Projects Management
  • Social Login
  • Gigya Multiple Social Log-In Technology
  • Issuu Online Publishing Technology
  • Disqus Social Commenting & Moderation
  • Secure Ecommerce Gateways
  • Basic & Advanced Google Maps Integration
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Compliance

Don't see the module you need in our list?

We work with a multitude of clients, each with specific needs and online requirements. It is highly likely that the module you need is already available. If not, we can develop it specifically tailored to you and your project. Contact us today and test drive our content management system for yourself.

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