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Project & Programme Management

  • Digital project and programme management

Our projects are incredibly varied and often span continents. Aside from providing a significant degree of job satisfaction, it is absolutely essential that we plan ahead to ensure that our resources, customers, and stakeholders are properly aligned and engaged with throughout the project lifecycle. Almost all projects we undertake are carefully vetted, planned, adjusted, and agreed upon prior to commencement. The scope is clearly defined but flexible enough to accommodate regular change requests. To ensure we maintain progressive workflows and to prevent delays, almost all projects are driven via Agile methodologies to fluid project plans.

For larger-scale projects that require a multitude of concurrent workstreams and resources, we perform development cycles of daily/weekly iterations with regular “stand-ups” and project updates where the customer has full and ongoing visibility of progress and costs from onset. We also attempt to identify and mitigate any project risks early-on to ensure that our sprint objectives and targets are persistently maintained.

This approach ensures that our projects are diligently managed to the highest degree of success and customer satisfaction.

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