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  • 7 important tips to consider for your new website

7 important tips to consider for your new website
Posted over a year ago in 4Shades Articles

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  1. Understand your target market before putting a new site out there
    Many small businesses focus on getting a website out there as quickly as possible and often overlook the most fundamental aspect of who that website should be talking to: their target audience. Before rushing into getting a website created, consult with your developers: are they an agency and/or can they help you identify who your target audience is likely to be? Do they have a good understanding of your product service and can exemplify that in a professional, measurable way to said target audience? Things like font size, style, mobile-readiness, language and terminologies all play a part and largely rely upon on who you are trying to market to.
  2. Focus
    We've all heard the expression, "You can't please all the people all the time", so don't. In line with your target audience, speaking to your core audience will work wonders. Don't try to please everyone. Losing sight of that risks pleasing nobody.
  3. Get savvy about what to pay, why, and to whom
    These days there are many choices of individuals and companies to use when developing a website. More often than not, we hear complaints from people who were let down by solutions offered cheaply, or expensive solutions that didn't measure up to their investment. 4Shades sits somewhere snugly in the middle. We offer agency-class designs and agency-class solutions around your development without the agency price tag. We do this because we understand fairness and how difficult it is to match good quality with affordability. We also understand that budgets don't start and end at a website.
  4. Don't overdo the design
    Touched on in the previous point, this is imperative. Don't settle for a quick design and don't be overzealous. A toned down site with just the right amount of applicable imagery and branding which also looks good on mobile and desktop devices is usually sufficient enough to capture that vital interest. In truth, many of those who visit your website already understand what they want, so make absolutely sure they can find it easily.
  5. Content is king
    As mobile connectivity becomes ever more dominant, content really has become king. People want the latest news and updates as they happen, and by that they no longer expect that information to be limited to large corporations and newsfeeds. Your content needs to talk to the customerand your business needs to keep them apprised of developments within the company, no matter how seemingly insignificant. A stale home or news page will give the wrong impression to visitors: the last thing you want is for people to assume you're out of business simply because you didn't post a new article or page for weeks/months. Keeping your content fresh keeps your visitors interested.
  6. Calls to action
    In our experience, this has been one of the biggest oversights people make when creating or updating their website. Consider what you want the visitor to do. You may have captured his/her interest, but how do you want them to engage with you? Do you want them to sign up, buy a product online, or contact you for more information? If you were visiting your site for the first time, how could you be enticed? You'd be surprised at how similar the engagement process is for others. Utilise that, and well. Your consultant will be able to assist you in how to capitalise on this process.
  7. Should you make your own website?
    Often, your website is the first introduction to who you are and what you do. Can you really do it justice by going it alone? We all want to save those hard-earned pennies, but more often than not that saving comes at a cost if your brand and/or website is received unfavourably. Ideally, choose a company who can propel your design, products and/or services in a way that draws more business and clients, but focus on one that can continue to expand upon the website's success once out there. For example, 4Shades builds bespoke, high quality solutions and includes key elements with the code to measure the interest of audiences and pages/sections, build correct social strategies and linking to each site and each shareable element within it, and provide you with expert advice on how to propel that site into a willing audience (to name but a few). We analyse that data, tweak and adjust content accordingly, and watch for trends within a plethora of industries that can be taken advantage of. That nominal investment has paid dividends for hundreds of our clients, many of whom were initially skeptical or hesitant and tried to walk the walk themselves but failed.

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If you are considering a new website, consider these 7 important tips before proceeding.

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