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  • Creeping into the higher echelons of organic searches

Creeping into the higher echelons of organic searches
Posted over a year ago in 4Shades Articles

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It's only been just over a week since we launched our new website.  Truthfully, since the launch we've been so embroiled in client work that we've afforded very little time to promoting the website in search engines or via social media save for informing Google and Bing that we've upgraded and letting our existing customers know that we have something new for them to see.

Imagine, then, our surprise when we checked our search analytics and noted that we've already hit the first page of Google on the term "website design creative". In fact, from this screenshot you can see that we've not only hit the first page - globally - but that we're the first company offering services of this ilk that is not a news or information portal. That's a pretty hefty achievement considering we've done almost nothing online to achieve this.

SEO screenshot of 4Shades on Google

The next logical question: how this was achieved?

It comes down to ensuring that our website (and those of our clients) conform to stringent SEO coding practices which are incorporated during development and exemplified with appropriate content; we meet and exceed requirements enforced and recommended by search engines which spider our solutions during the gathering and reading of our content, whilst ensuring they collect and structure this data in a manner pursuant to our brand and needs.

Gone are the days when simply adding a few keywords and meta descriptions was enough to bump your ranking, and gone are the days when adding hidden links and text was enough to spoof the search engines into thinking you offered more than you did. These days, the algorithms employed by the likes of Google and Bing are so intricate and clever that you have little choice but to tap into that mathematical brilliance with savvy coding, clever content balancing, and a plethora of other nuances to make your website stand out from what has evolved to become a vast, international crowd vying for those same prominent positions.

4Shades builds and promotes sites with audiences and other platforms in mind, irrespective of size. We consider code, content, audiences, location, and we develop accordingly.  In the near future we'll be addressing other areas of our website to improve our ranking for other services we offer. Right now, though, we're just delighted to be seeing our website at such a sought-after spot without a single effort being made to promotion. Not a bad start.

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